Congratulations Kelly!

It has been a pleasure to work with Kelly over the past 8 years. She has technically been my “licensed assistant,” but she’s so much more. I am proud of our work together—what we’ve accomplished and the joyful way we’ve done it. It has been successful and fun. It’s very rare for real estate partnerships to last as long as ours; it has been a special run.

Teamwork and fun. (2013)

Kelly is becoming a lead agent in her own business. She has always supported our clients with a keen eye for detail, kindness, and humor. She is going to do a great job and I wish her all the best! I will miss working with her on a daily basis, but I look forward to learning from the innovative ways she will run her business.

High five. (2013)

Kelly’s transition also marks a new beginning for me. I look forward to more face-to-face contact with my clients to talk real estate and other stuff. I’m also inspired to dive into new marketing and client-centered activities, including my “Dream it Up” pop-up series. Watch for it!

Again, congratulations to my good friend and colleague. 

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  1. Harvey Warburton December 14, 2018 at 12:35 am #

    Congratulations to both Desiree and Kelly for handling this transition with complete class.
    Exactly what I would have expected, but nevertheless good to see.
    Good luck to both of you. We enjoyed working with the team, but time marches on.

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